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Chocolate, the very word conjures up delightful memories of good times with friends and loved ones. Here at The Chocolate Gazette you will find lots of information and advice on how to choose the best chocolate to buy as a gift, eat or cook with from the finest gourmet chocolate makers around the globe. We want to help you make the most of your chocolate experience, every time.  We give you tons of facts and useful information to make it easy for you to find and enjoy your favourites.

Chocolate for Gifts

Go ahead and browse through our site for help in choosing some scrumptious gourmet, organic or Fair Trade chocolate for eating and gifts. Plan a wine and chocolate tasting party using our chocolate and wine pairing guidelines.

Chocolate for Cooking

We have lots of advice on cooking with chocolate, including a recipe section we add to regularly. To browse our recipe section just click here. chocolate oatmeal no bake cookies

If you have a recipe you’d like to share please email us, we look forward to trying it and sharing with our readers.

So Many Kinds to Choose From

Did you know that cacao beans originated in Central America but are now grown in all of the world’s tropical regions?

Each type of chocolate made from these beans has a distinct character and taste depending on where it was grown. And that’s before the manufacturers add their own special ingredients and flavourings.  It would take a lifetime to try them all, but what a sweet goal!

type of chocoolateBrowse through our pages for help in choosing the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one: fabulous gourmet specialty confections hand-crafted by the premier chocolatiers of France, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands; organic and Fair Trade chocolate from all over the world; plus advice on buying the best ingredients and equipment to make your own chocolate treats at home.

Chocolate Is Good For You

Discover the health benefits of drinking cocoa and eating dark chocolate.  Did you know that dark chocolate can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke?

Discover Fair Trade Chocolate

Review our list of over 75 Fair Trade chocolate makers. You might just find one in your own backyard. Learn how buying Fair Trade products creates a better life for cacao workers and their families and can help bring an end to child slavery in the cacao fields of Africa.


Explore the amazing history of chocolate, from its earliest recorded use amongst the Olmec people of Central America, to its discovery by Spanish conquistadors, to its current status as one of the world’s favourite foods.  In 2010 the worldwide consumption of cocoa beans reached 3.6 million tonnes.

chocolate cheesecake

We’re pretty serious about chocolate facts and information around here but not so serious that we don’t savour every bite. After all that’s the whole point isn’t it?  So have a look around, learn some interesting facts, find a new favourite and above all have fun and enjoy!

February 12, 2013 – Hershey’s still using GMOs

Campaign pushes Hershey’s, Mars to either label GMOs or drop them

GMO Inside, a national coalition of companies and organizations, has marshaled a public Valentine’s Day campaign to pressure Hershey and Mars to drop GMO ingredients or to label them in their chocolate candies.  Click the link above to read more about this.

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